Sunday, January 25, 2009

Disney Hussies

lilm - the-little-mermaid wallpaper
Oh man I got a kick out of the title of my post. So true though right? If Tinkerbell's dress was any shorter they would have to change it to a PG-13 rating.

The hussy factor actually isn't the point of my post. We purchased The Little Mermaid over the weekend and I sat right down with my Diva and watched the whole thing. I sang all the songs and slightly wished Prince Eric was a real human and not an animation. It brought back so many wonderful memories. I love, love this movie. I'm grateful for little girls who give me excuses to be into these movies. Might I add that Diva had to watch The Little Mermaid in her Tinkerbell dress. it begins.

A couple things though:

-Ariel, you were only 16! Why marry so young?! I know Eric's hot and you wanted to lock that down but I'm sure he would have waited until you were at least 18.
-I hope you made new friends. I'm sure a crustacean and a fish were lovable and all but in the real world honey, people would think you've lost your mind.
-Prince Eric, sweetie dear I'm sure back in the day playing the recorder was the way to get chicks (ahem, mermaids) but nowadays it's just plain gay. Break out a guitar buddy.

I'm excited to hopefully one day have an arsenal of Disney Princess movies. I can then continue to watch them and wish I had a 11 inch waist.


Jae said...

Carly, I actually just laughed out loud in my hospital room over your recorder comment. So true. I make Addison watch Beauty and the Beast with me incessantly... and I might cry at the end.

The Marsdens said...

Ah, welcome to the world of Princesses! Allie has been slightly obsessed for months! ALL things can and DO relate to a princess in some way, shape or form!
And Amen on the hussy factor. I've thought the same thing, where is their modesty :)

Jill said...

Ah, that is my favorite Disney princess movie! Love it.

debora said...

What?! You don't have an eleven inch waist?! That would look really weird actually.
Reminds me of the days when you ran around in your swimsuit, tights and tap shoes. It was basically your uniform. At least your legs were covered up.

Kate said...

He plays the recorder? haha! I don't remember that. Why is that we don't own a single Disney princess movie, yet my almost 3 year old can name any of those hussies? It's unavoidable.

Lindsay said...

Little Mermaid would definitely be a welcome alternative to Cars around here. We should get Aladdin out because that's only half girlie--"A whole new world...." Ahh, memories.

Kendell Wrae said...

HI! it was nice to meet u at buckle. your girls are adorable! i love how small scv is! i loved this post! so true... at least you have an excuse to watch disney movies... im a dork and watch them all the time. lol.


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