Thursday, January 8, 2009

And then there was ONE

Two weekends ago my sister got hitched. Third girl in on the right of the bride is the last sister to not be married. Good luck Cindy!

Thoughts going through my mom's head? "4 down, 7 to go"


Lindsay said...

I bet Mom's glad she had 7 SONS and not 7 daughters. That'd be a lot of exhausting wedding planning. Oh and Dad would REALLY think life's a rip off saying good-bye to that many daughters.

debora said...

I'm not in any hurry to plan another wedding anytime soon. And please, the rest of you- no more Christmas time weddings. It was beautiful and wonderful. I can see that K&K were meant to be together.

Rob said...

Mom, I think Whitney's mom would agree with you 100%. Whitney's brother was married on the 27th of December as well.

whitney said...

The 21st of December is when my brother was married, not the 27th. Sorry Rob.


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