Saturday, January 3, 2009

Because I'm bored

Hubby is at the movies, kids are in bed so that means a completely pointless post by yours truly.

I've decided to discuss some pet peeves of mine:

  • Blue tooth cell phone talkers. Yeah those guys....or girls. The ones that walk around like insane people. You think they are talking to themselves but no, they're on the phone. And most of the time the conversation is annoying and LOUD. Hey dude, we get it, you're important but please when you're not on the phone TAKE OFF THE EAR PIECE! It's not decoration. You don't see me walking around with my land line cordless phone taped to my head "just in case someone might call."
  • Constant texters or people so wrapped up in their cell phones or touch phones or blackberries that the world is passing them by and they don't even know it. It irritates me even more when I see people doing this at the gym...on a cardio machine. If you are going slow enough to be able to properly text or peruse your touch are NOT getting a workout!
  • My sister will appreciate this one: Toddlers pushing or hanging on me while I am trying to make dinner. This alone could easily send me to the looney bin. Hey dear children, I am NOT having fun or throwing a party here. I'm trying to create good food for you to consume so leave me alone for 30 minutes!!!! Arghhh!!! Dear baby sister is just starting to get into this phase and it drives me bonkers!
  • People who have no sense of common courtesy. Thankfully I rarely experience it but when I do I think, "Didn't your mother teach you better than that?" For example: I have my kids in tow which means I'm holding my toddler's hand and carrying my baby in a sling. I'm also holding my diaper bag which means my hands are full. If you're going into the store ahead of me please please PLEASE hold the door open! I don't care if you are a guy or a girl or a guy who looks like a girl just hold open the freakin door. You will receive a huge thank you and look of utmost appreciation. Take lessons from the guy who when seeing me walk in Target with the baby carseat (sleeping baby) and 2.5 year old and noticing there were no carts to be found, went completely out of his way and found me an extra cart. Thank you nice man at Target (who was NOT a Target employee)
  • Lastly, it peeves me when complete strangers discipline my child. I realize my kid is standing up in the cart and I understand the dangers of falling but trust me I have told her probably 20 times in the last 40 seconds to SIT DOWN or she will fall and hurt herself. I don't need you to come by and say, "Oh honey you better sit down." or "She really shouldn't be standing up in that thing." Uh duh. But unless I physically get in the cart with her and hold her down or bring bungee cords to keep her strapped in there's not much I can do besides repeating myself 70 million times. Sure I could take her out but that would mean spending my shopping hour chasing her around the store. Not my idea of fun.


d said...

That last one especially irked me in the states. In Japan no one would ever interfere with your children for better or worse. Plus they don't put helmets on their kids on bikes and let the kids roam with out seat belts in the cars so thankfully a shopping cart is a minor incident!

Lindsay said...

Ha ha ha. You're pretty funny. I've actually been planning to do a pet peeve post, too, and the toddler pushing is definitely on the list. But who am I kidding? I'll never be caught up with my blog enough to do that.

Nathaly said...

Ugh, the grocery store cart thing happens to me all the time. I'm like, oh, thank you so much for telling him to sit down, I hadn't thought of doing that.

You've posted such cute pictures of your girls lately! I love love love the b/w one of the little one next to the tub with the big one in the tub. Sooo cute!

jenbulkley said...

Amen to the last one!

debora said...

I take special pleasure in being as pleasant and friendly as I can to people who are rude. Unless of course they are like the Trader Joe guy who flipped me off repeatedly in front of his small child. He did apologize after I followed him into the store and called him on it.
I have forbidden Dad to ever become a cyborg, blue-tooth man. SO ridiculous.
Lastly, dear daughters there will come a day when you will miss little bodies pushing on your legs while you are working in the kitchen.

Lund Family said...

The last one drives me crazy too! Sometimes i want to say back to them "maybe i want them to fall out so they will learn their lesson" i bet the strangers face would be priceless

The Greenwoods said...

The last one is my favorite! What I would give to see you in the cart holding Cadence in your lap! People can be so lame when they are handing out unsolicited advice.


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