Monday, September 8, 2008

Random thoughts...

  • It scares the crap out of me when I'm listening to the radio in the car and a song will come on and for some background beats they have SIRENS...??????? I personally think sirens in a song should be made illegal. Today I almost stopped in the middle of a very busy intersection because I thought I had an ambulance and/or firetruck barreling down on my rear.
  • Music on blogs bugs me. Sorry. Too many times I forget that my speakers are on (yes I'm aware that's my fault) and since I peruse blogs during the girls' nap times I become quite irked when "Disturbia" starts blasting, even though I love that song.
  • Every single one of "Speidi's" arguments on the Hills is completely contrived. Do the producers think their audience is stupid? Apparently so. I mean seriously the whole sister drama is just plain filler. I fast forwarded every moment between the three of them. Thank you DVR.
  • I giggle inwardly every time I'm at the gym and I see girls come in completely dolled up. Their hair is done, their make up is perfect and they have cutesy little outfits on. They get on the elliptical for approximately 5.6 minutes while texting their BFFs (who are right next to them) and then they hop off and loiter around "muscley" boys for about 30 more minutes. Um, I don't know about the rest of the world but I go to the gym to SWEAT. Sweating is not pretty and the gym was not meant to be a mating facility. On the same note, 6 teenage boys do not need to watch 1 friend do 2 sets on a weight machine. Why don't these boys ever disperse and workout independently? It's a head scratcher.
  • Britney Spears's hair makes me want to throw up. I wonder how many hair extensions she's gone through in her lifetime. Millions I bet. She shaved it once and I held out high hopes that she'd let it grow out naturally. Nope.
  • A lone middle-aged man sidled up to me in Costco and asked if my baby's feet were ticklish and if he could also tickle them. I pretended to not hear him and I walked faster.
  • I did not like Breaking Dawn. I barely tolerated it. It was so redundant. Stephanie Meyer could have ended the book halfway through and it would have had the same ending without all the Volturi drama.
  • Two-year-olds are the least sensible of human beings. They are completely irrational. Who else would kick their shoes off in the car and then scream bloody murder the rest of the way home because they want their shoes back ON? Who else would scream for a certain food and once they get it on their tray they chuck it across the room? I guess schizos might do that.
  • Saturday night I saw for the first time, Brian Regan, doing stand up (on TV). It was HILARIOUS. He had no swearing and no vulgar content whatsoever(from what I actually saw.) Now that's my kinda comedian.
  • I have a wisdom tooth coming in. Um, excuse me? I am 24. I have two children of my own who are currently both teething and I don't need to be teething as well. Thanks.

That's all for tonight folks.


debora said...

Carly I'm surprised you were able to sleep after all those random thoughts came spewing out of your brain and onto your blog.
Hey watch those comments about -ahem- middle-aged people. He was probably a very nice man, just a little too friendly.
Thanks for the good laughs. ESPECIALLY the gym comments. So, so true. hahahaha.

Lindsay said...

Ha ha ha ha! For some reason, I found the teething comment hilarious. I can just picture you drooling, fussing, chewing on a cold rattle. Ha! Hope that comes through okay.

So it's not just girls in Provo gyms that do that?? Barf. Who wants to get a date at the gym?

Totally agree about the songs with sirens. And the songs on blogs. Sorry people. If I ever do listen to the song (our speaker's on mute for your same reason), it doesn't really add much to the blog for me.

Marsden- Party of 4 said...

You are so funny. I like you read your blog when I need a laugh.
My girls and I will be there tomorrow, let's do a play date! I suppose I will be seeing you at church Sunday so we can talk then!

AHEM said...

Music on blogs totally bug me too. It's like I'm hitting the mute button in lightning speed.

I was also very annoyed with BD. Ugh.

Thanks for verbalizing.

Bree & Lance said...

Okay I am SO with you on the music on blogs thing. I HATE, I repeat HATE when people have music on their blog. I think that's cool that they like that song, but don't force me to listen to it. That is so funny you wrote that because I was just complaining about that to Lance last night

Nathaly said...

I had a wisdom tooth come in a few months ago. My 8th. I got the first 7 taken out when I was 19. I was pretty annoyed that there was still one in there. I ended up having to get it taken out because as soon as it popped through (on the top) it started killing my gums (on the bottom) because it didn't have another tooth to rest against.

Fun stuff. At least it gave me a little bit of symphathy for my teething baby!


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