Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One for the books!

Diva just did the most hilarious thing. Okay I know we ALL think our kids are the most hilarious but whatever, I'm still sharing it.

I went in her room to calm her down. It was bedtime and the girl loooooooves to stall. So this was my 5th attempt. I sat down and talked to her for a bit. I gave her "loves" and kisses. I asked her, "Can I have a butterfly kiss?" She giggled and nodded her head but was pointing to something on the ground. She had a few books strewed across the room so I asked her if she wanted to read a book. I gave her a book about nature and she proceeded to kiss the cover, several times. I said, "Diva are you kissing the froggy?" (there is a rather large frog on the cover along with several other items of nature.) She smiled and said, "No...I'm kisssing da butterfly!!!" Sure enough, there is a small, blue butterfly on the cover. I guess next time I should be more specific!


Aly & Conryd Salvesen said...

that girl is so dang cute! she could just stare at a wall and do nothing and she'd still be the most entertaining, cutest,
most adroable kid on the face of the planet! smart kid too :)

debora said...

Wait Carly-are your girls crazy or beautiful? Both I think-good new look for your blog.
Cadence is just too darn smart.btfnu

debora said...

disregard those last five letters. means nothing

Lindsay said...

Ahh, Cadence. Cute story.

Great new header. So do you think my blog layout is dumb?

I was sitting here trying to decipher those last five letters on Mom's comments for like five minutes (okay, maybe five seconds). Beautiful Too Funny No Ugliness?? Then I saw her followup comment.

debora said...

ha ha Lindsay I asked her today if it was an acronym for something. Mom's starting to speak text. wut r u doin. ROFL, lol, kit, kwim.

Nathaly said...

That's so cute!

Your blog is still not updating on my list. :( I already removed it and put it back on. So I just caught up and responded on an old post.

The Greenwoods said...

So cute!!! Cadence is a riot! I love when she's out in the foyer when my kids are acting up in Sacrament Meeting! My boys love chasing her!

jenbulkley said...

YOur random thoughts post had me cracking up. Especially the ticklish foot one. You are such a good writer. Everytime I read your blog, I can picture in my head exactly what you are saying. I just left a post on Bres blog about the music thing. I just mute my computer so I dont have to listen to everyone elses crap.


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