Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girls girls girls.....

I got that song stuck in your head now didn't I?

Anyway in honor of my girls' half birthdays (Lil Sis's is this month and Diva's is next month) I thought I'd share a little about their ever changing personalities.

-Diva is my spit fire. The girl knows how to manipulate and she does it well. On more than one occasion and from a few different people she has been described as "bipolar;" that's not to knock anyone who actually suffers from this affliction but Diva fits the bill. One minute she's cute, cuddly, sweet and smiley. The next she's angry, screaming in a Linda Blair-esque way and anyone caught in her eye line will surely suffer her wrath. She knows not the meaning of "stranger danger." She in fact loves strangers. In one day she tried to follow a neighbor into his house and climbed into another neighbor's car as she was about to leave. I guess this should worry me. She doesn't have a shy bone in her body, but the ONLY time she'll exhibit any kind of separation anxiety is when I drop her off at the gym daycare. It's awesome.

-Diva loves to color, paint, blow bubbles and sculpt with her play dough. She also loves, LOVES to jump on the trampoline, swim in the pool and just recently she conquered the ominous ocean. She is quite the dancer and will boogie down at almost every opportunity.
She uses her big, blue eyes to her advantage. At times they can be hypnotizing but only I, her mother, am capable of deflecting their powerful rays. The same cannot be said for the grandparents or the aunts and uncles.

-Diva is also very intelligent. Biased? Nooooooo. She can count to 10 and then intermittently to 16. It goes something like this, "10, a-yeven-a-twelve, a sixteen, a-twelve, a ten." Close enough. She knows twinkle twinkle little star, wheels on the bus and some other song I've never heard but it contains the word sunshine. I'll write it down when I figure it out. She is learning her letters. She knows O, H, N, M, T, W, L, Z and maybe A and C but it's hit or miss. I mean, those are difficult letters so give her a break. She does however know all her colors and all her basic shapes. Trapezoid and rhombus will be the next lesson.

I could type for pages and pages about this girl but the most important thing I wanted to share is how much I love her. Sometimes, when she allows it, I grab her and I squeeze her tight. I tell her how smart and beautiful she is and I tell her how much her mommy loves her. I smell her soft hair and kiss her lovable little cheeks. I store these memories of her for when she's 17 and mouthing off to me about driving the car or going to a friend's house. I know at those moments I'll wish my biggest issue with her was still teaching her to "use her big girls words."

Lil' Sis. She's been in our home (separately from my body) for only 5.5 short months but she's added so much already. I can already tell she's worlds different from her big sister. She smiles at almost every opportunity and only cries when she needs something. She is becoming more attached to her mommy lately and that's totally fine with me. She is constantly on the lookout for things to grab and shove in her mouth. She has recently mastered sitting up on her own. She has completely regressed in her nighttime sleeping habits. I tell myself that she just wants additional mommy 12am, 2am, 3am,5am.....or perhaps I should shut down her local bar hang out during the sleeping hours. No matter how many times she wakes up though, her big grin in the mornings makes it all worth it. And I know, when it comes time to wake her up for seminary when she's 14 through 18, sticking my chest in her face will no longer work.

She's showing a little too much cleavage I know but she just wouldn't listen when I told her to change or put on an undershirt.
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Aly & Conryd Salvesen said...

i think you need to put cadence into toddler modeling. shes got that whole "intense" look going on. you could make MILLIONS off of her! i call being her agent! and maya...sweet sweet maya. she's growing so much! i miss your girls, bring them out to utah :) and i guess i miss you and casey too...kidding, i do miss you guys! christmas is not coming quick enough

debora said...

Cadence has so much cuteness and personality and knows how to use it to her advantage. That's what makes her so lovable and entertaining. Maya is the sweetest baby girl.

steeevNlizzy said...

Yeah, Rebekah loves to waves and say hi to strangers we pass.

Great photos!

Kelli said...

This isn't fair. It just makes me miss them more! I need to call Cadence soon, I've got a very important question to ask her. Can you guess what it is?? Hahah

Good pictures, Carl. You should go pro. Give them hugs and kisses from me.

Sara said...

ohhhh, that first pic of Cadence is SO cute!

Mostly Leighanna, some Jordan said...

i love the stranger danger part. or, the not stranger danger.

AHEM said...

Blue steel Cadence!

I love it. Work on magnum. It will come.

btw. I'm thinking of coming to Valencia when the guys go to Yosemite. I think we should go on a date.

Lindsay said...

Definitely need to see those girls! Maya looks so cute sitting up! Don't you just love that sitting up but not crawling stage? It's the best.

Bree & Lance said...

I LOVE those girls! They are both perfect in their own unique ways. You are right about Cadence's eyes....I don't think I will ever be able to deflect their powerful rays! Great pics by the way.

Kate said...

I haven't stalked your blog for a while! This post was so cute. I think our girls are evil twins of each other. Victoria was getting up more and more often and I was nursing her all the blessed night long. Finally our ped talked me into CIO. What a miracle. Why am I rambling about this? Your girls are beautiful.


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