Sunday, September 21, 2008

P is for Pee in the Potty!

That's RIGHT!!!!! After going on Potty Training hiatus for a few months we resumed last week. I'm convinced I have the most stubborn little toddler ever. I decided to just let her run around naked during the morning and early afternoon hours. The first couple days she would just hold it in, for hours and hours until her nap time when I put a pull-up on. Stubborn right? But yesterday, I heard that beautiful sound. A waterfall of urine going directly into the potty! ha ha. It was glorious.

So it's a start. I can tell this might be a long process. *sigh*


Lindsay said...

That's great!! Was she proud of her accomplishment?

Kyli said...

I am telling you that is the best way. That is what I did. Hope you guys are good. Good luck with potty training.

debora said...

Congratulations Cadence!!!

babytomsmom said...

Good luck with the potty training!!! That was a by far the most difficult milestone for us. We did the nudy thing too and it finally paid off.
So the stocker... VERY CREEPY!!!!!! All he did was comment a few times saying hello. So I finally checked his profile and he was a porn OBSESSED freak. I was so creeped out that he was looking at my blog and pictures of my kids. And then I really freaked out because I had put the name of Colin's school on there. So I set my blog to private. GROSS!!!!!
We totally need to get together!!! Let me know what works best for you guys. Colin is in school Tues. and Thurs. Talk to you soon!!!


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