Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A tag of sorts

I saw this on Jill and Marisa's blog so I'm copying them!!

Some things I can't get enough of:

1) My baby's giggles
2) My toddler's belly laughs
3) My hubby's massages
4) Chocolate
5) The smell of my baby's breath (drink it in! haha Lindz)
6) Watching my kids play with their cousins
7) Kisses from my children and husband
8) Sun....although finding time to lay out is quite difficult
9) working out. I love to workout; I could easily spend 2 hours at the gym but with kids that obviously never happens.
10) water, I drink a ton of it every day
11)Sleep; har har.....nursing babies don't let their mommies sleep (Jk actually my baby sleeps quite well *knock on wood*)
12) lip gloss (copying jill) I have waaaaaaayyyy too many lip glosses or as my toddler calls them, "Yip stick"
13) Spending time with my families, In-laws and my own. I have awesome families
14) Watching my toddler suck her thumb. Yeah it's a bad habit I guess but it's so dang cute! (ask me again when she's 7 and still doing it)
15) Teasing my mom about her eating habits.

That's about it. I tag anyone who wants to do this!


debora said...

yes you do seem to thrive on no.15. It's okay I can take it.

Bree & Lance said...

I just wanted to say hi and that I was here. I seriously check your blog daily for new posts and pics, so keep 'em coming! Love you guys!


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