Monday, July 7, 2008

Family renuion plus....

Well last week was pretty eventful. It started off with a family reunion. There were about 70 people staying at my mom's house. Yes you read that right. Craziness. I actually felt bad for my mom the whole time. I know I don't like a dirty house and I inherited that from my mom so I can only imagine how she was feeling. Anyway, it was fun though. The best part was seeing my sister and her two cute boys. They live far far away in Colorado so when they come to visit, it's a treat! We are working on moving them out here.

This particular picture is from a couple weeks ago. That is Nee-Nee (Mother in-law) in bed with Diva. Diva absolutely adores her and would probably live with her if I let her.

She saw aunt Cindy burying uncle Will in the sand and wanted a part of it. She loved it and didn't want get out.

Pooped after church, waiting for dinner.

I told Tucker to put his arm around Diva. She was having none of that.

Diva loves to do this in the car and she proudly states, "I holding her hand mommy!" And then we acknowledge that yes, she is indeed holding Lil' Sis hand and she (Diva) smiles gleefully as if to say, "I know, aren't I so precious??"

This is where Luke, Tucker and Diva slept. Triple bunk beds.

Those four s are somehow related to me and they sang a song for FHE. Diva decided that she HAD to be in the spotlight as well.

Self explanatory.

Two cute cousins...loving the beach!


Aly & Conryd Salvesen said...

OH MY GOSH! your kids are so freaken adorable! i am so excited to see them and to squeeze little a non violent way of course. i love the picture of cadence and casey sleeping. so cute! anywhooo. i better see you guys this week, or else!! love yah!

Lindsay said...

Very cute pics. Love the bunk bed picture. That was all pure craziness. So sad we have to leave!


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