Monday, January 30, 2012

Killin it

I have time to kill.  What better way to do that than to take pictures?

Remember my sweet little nephew who had stomach surgery at five days old?  Well, he and my sister came for a brief visit to say au revoir to my missionary sis and I snapped a few pictures of them.  And hey, if you’re interested in reading about it, she posted details about the whole process on her blog.  It’s quite amazing.

Such an intense look on this kid sometimes.  He is a spitting image of his dad, that’s for sure.  And you would have never known about his harrowing ordeal so early on in life.  What a trooper. 

  He was very generous with his smiles, to everyone around him.  I can’t wait for my baby to get here!  Hurry the crap up kid!


And there ya have it.

In other baby news I’m just hangin out, fattening up this baby.  I very much see the appeal of inductions or scheduled c-sections to know that there is truly an end in sight!  Sigh…but I am very very grateful that I still feel great.  I don’t swell, I sleep fine, my heartburn has let up tremendously, my blood pressure is great and with the exception of some minor waddling, I can still walk.  Although I made the mistake of running around with my girls last night.  My pelvis is paying the price for that.

Technically, I am not due for another 6 days (my “first” due date came and went…whatta joke.)  But that doesn’t stop people from saying the strangest things…like getting annoyed that I am still pregnant.  ha!  Forgive me, I am so sorry!

So here’s to making it to 40+ weeks!  Because I’ll surely still be pregnant this time come Monday.


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, that second picture is BEAUTIFUL! Definitely my favorite. They both look so great.

Nathaly Blalock said...

These are all so so gorgeous! Can't believe all that little guy has had to endure.

Stringham Family said...

each of my kids was later and later. so I feel your pain but they are easier to take care of inside so enjoy it while it lasts. About the Due date, I finally started telling people that I'm Not a library book.

Vanessa said...

beautiful pictures!

Lindsay said...

I love these pictures so much. They make me want to go wake him up right now and play with him. Well, almost.

Try to rest up! You'll need it.


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