Sunday, January 22, 2012



I’m so blessed and so fortunate to have three amazing sisters!  What would I do without them?  Go crazy.  I also have seven brothers.  They’re cool and all but a girl needs a sister. 

My littlest sis just turned 21 over the weekend.  We are tight.  She’s one of the funniest people I know.  She’s obsessed with things like Baja hoodies, good looking black men and while I’m sharing this picture…the Lakers. 

                                       Shannon Brown's tattoos

She has her own language.  It consists of “totes inappropes, presh, ten, awk, sitch, sicky sicky nar nar, literagitimately, strugs, strugglin” and so many others but my brain is literally melting typing those out. Yeah.  Literally.  Brains.  All over the keyboard.  In a puddle.

Forgive me if you ever hear me using those phrases.  Because I do.  Too often.  I blame her.


And of course she is like a second (third, fourth?) mother to my girls.  Oh how they love her.

So why am I in denial? Because she is leaving us!  For 18 months!  She’s going here:


She is serving a mission for our church.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am so happy for her, she is going to be absolutely amazing.  The people will love her.  It will be an experience like no other and she will cherish it for the rest of her life.


I’m going to miss her.  A lot.

And I’m kind of hoping this boy decides to come before she leaves.  Because you know, I’d like them to meet.  For at least a day.  Or two.


He’s got a couple weeks.  Let’s go kiddo. 


Cindy said...

You're not supposed to make me cry yet!!! I'm going to miss you like crazy, sister! And those girls... well, I can't even think about that right now. Seriously hoping that kid will show his face before I leave. Even if it means I have to witness his birth right before I leave for the airport. Hahahaha... yeah right.

Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia, Naomi} said...

hooray for her! hope that boy gets here before she goes.

ps- you are freakin' adorable! look at that basketball belly. i love it!

Country Guy & Asian Girl said...

Carly! You're looking fabulous! FABULOUS! Praying for you and your sister!

Mostly Leighanna, some Jordan said...

DC south? best mission ever. or at least, best place to live. Boise's shenanigans aren't nearly as awesome as northern VA's.

37.5 weeks huh? I have to say, as inconvenient timing as it was, I was glad to get that shiz over with a couple weeks early. Go run! I swear baby couldn't take the jostling anymore and decided to head on out - literally. Almost there!

TheKeilShpeel said...

I agree.. everyone needs a sister.. I wish I had one. My brothers better marry awesome girls so I have a sister.
You are so stinkin skinny with a ball under your shirt.. you look so good. Hope he comes for her too.

Jen said...

I'm lovin' that belly! too cute! Yay for your sister!


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