Sunday, May 1, 2011

Backyard Fun

This post has nothing to do with the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Just wanted to make that clear.


We spent the evening in Nee Nee and Papa’s backyard.  We binged on sugar roasted s’mores and enjoyed the glorious weather.  It has been annoyingly windy for the past few days and it eventually died down this afternoon.  I loathe the wind.  It ruins a perfectly beautiful day.

Commence picture vomit.

         smore-1  smore2-1


Nee Nee and Papa’s house is right behind the local high school’s upper field.  So you just open a gate and their backyard is instantly expanded.  And how.  It’s one of our favorite hang outs on warm evenings. 

       messy-1   diva-1

Yes that is indeed s’more crap all over Munchkin’s face and marshallow whatever on Diva’s forehead.  Not gonna lie, I probably had some of my face as well.  Sue me.


     kc-1   ball-1


             IMG_7781  IMG_7814



KickButtMommy said...

I would like a s'more right now. Looks like a delightful evening.

Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia, Naomi} said...

looks like a delightful evening!

you take amazing photos of your girls. i'm a little (ok a lot) jealous! keep up the good work!


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