Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miss Three



 I had really great intentions.  I wanted to doll up miss Munchkin and take cutesy pictures of her frolicking in a field of dandelions. 

But then I realized that is not how she is.  At all.  She’s dirty 80% of the time with a white-blonde mass of unkempt hair.  I spend every morning combing, brushing, dressing, pleading, directing and assessing until I get her to the point where the general public will not think she lives in cardboard box on the street.  And then, as if we had passed through some strange, dirt-filled vortex, I find I am holding a child that doesn’t even remotely resemble the girl I spent so much time on earlier that morning.  By the time I come to this realization, I just plain don’t care anymore.

Diva-1  Munchkincolor-1

So instead, I decided to capture the essence of M.  I want to remember how she always was and not my idea of how she should have been.  She’s a smudgy, messy, fiery little hurricane of independence.



Exactly three years ago today I started this blog; anxiously anticipating the arrival of my little 6 lb 12 oz peanut.  And she came.  Right on schedule.

And tomorrow we shall celebrate!


KickButtMommy said...

I adore this post.

Scott said...

Happy birthday Maya!! Tell her I said that. I need to score some points her book

debora said...

Happy Birthday funny girl!!! I love your spunk and fiery independence!


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