Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Today Diva’s preschool class went to the fire station. 


Munchkin, of course could not be left out. 


By the way, Diva has a boyfriend.  And by that I mean a boy…who is a friend.  But they are especially close and he is especially smitten with her.  And of course, I don’t blame him.  Oh and he has a twin.  An identical one.  I suppose if she doesn’t like one she can choose the other.  The twin is also quite taken with Diva but tends to show more self restraint.  As in he doesn’t pick her up in giant bear hugs and kiss her on the cheek and hold her hand and play with her hair and compliment her outfits.  Yeah. 


I kept a close eye on this boy today and watched how he, if he wasn’t seated next to Diva, would get up and deftly make room to plop down beside her.  He would stare at her and smile at her and giggle with her.  I’ll admit, it was quite amusing.  And if I’m being honest, Diva didn’t resist the flirtation much. 

I’m mildly alarmed at the depth of this relationship but I figure, only two months left. 

But COME ON.  They are only FOUR!!!  This is NOT supposed to happen.  Not yet.  I mean, we were on a PRE-school field trip to a fire station.  For crying out loud!



I’m in trouble.


TheKeilShpeel said...

I think it's hilarious.. I loved watching those two today.

Lindsay said...

Ha ha, that's funny. That picture captures it perfectly. It's kind of like Tucker's little "girlfriend" at school. She talks about him all the time and hugs him good-bye almost every day. What's the deal?

Nathaly said...

Ugh, WHY is this starting already? There's a girl at church and school that always tries to kiss Diego and hug him and hold his hand. His mom says she talks about him all the time and says she's going to marry him. Whenever he knows we're going to see her, he gives this big annoyed sigh and says, "I hope she doesn't try to kiss me today." But you really can't blame Diva's little friend. She IS pretty adorable.

KickButtMommy said...

That's awesome.

Ryan said...

The real question is, is Casey ready for that? I hear shotguns are on sale at Sport Chalet.

Kerrie said...

It has only just begun. I know other boys who really like Diva too! Love the pictures that you got today!


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