Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sometimes life throws you for a loop.  You think you have things figured out and all will happen according to plan.  You feel you are adequately prepared for the journey.  But then that journey takes a completely unexpected turn and you are left wondering, "How did I get here?!"

I was able to visit my brother and sister in-law over the weekend.  They are on one of these unexpected life journeys and it was wonderful to watch them cope and adjust so gracefully, without the, "Why us?!"  mentality.  

My sweet little nephew, affectionately nicknamed "Bug", was born a little over a month ago.  He was born with an adorable little nose, perfect tiny ears, a really cool webbed big toe, a receding hairline, soft little kissable cheeks, pouty lips, a frustrating habit of sleeping through feedings,  beautiful dark eyes and unbeknownst to his parents, an extra chromosome. 

The only feeling I felt in their home for the past four days was the feeling of pure, unconditional love and a desire for their son to achieve his greatest potential....

....and upon seeing him and holding him and praying about him,  I know he will do just that. 


Love you Bug!



Rob said...
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Rob said...

Thanks Carly for spending the weekend with us and hours with little bug. We really appreciate it.

Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

what an adorable little guy!

hays said...

he looks pretty perfectly darling to me.

Vanessa said...

What a sweet post! What a beautiful baby!

Melinda said...

He is beautiful. You take really really great pictures.


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