Saturday, February 6, 2010

Silly on a Saturday

Today is a rainy day.

And when it's rainy, we get silly.

Lil' Sis' is a ball of entertainment. She must be doing everything Diva is doing. No exceptions. Why do you think she's wearing a fairy dress?

As I type she is on my lap, smelling like sleep and old granola bars. She has an almost empty tube of lip gloss that she is smearing on everything but her lips. She's not an exceptionally verbal girl but has zero limitations in understanding what I say. She never says no to food. In fact, she says, "Yeah!" Her uncles like to ask her a slew of questions involving food just to hear her emphatically shout..."YEAH!"

My girlies are absolutely hilarious.

I laughed so hard at some of these pictures. Diva is always good for a giggle. When she visits her imaginary princess/barbie/fairy land she will inevitably be there for quite some time. She talks to her prince, calls Barbie on the phone, feeds her precious animals, dances with fairies and sometimes regulates. During breakfast this morning she was chattering excitedly on her play phone but apparently Barbie began annoying her with numerous calls and finally she picked up the phone and shouted, "Barbie! Ugh! Why are you calling me again?! I'm eating my cheercho's!"

She loves her closeups. I love them too. One of my favorite features on her face (besides her cute nose, lips, teeth and big eyes) are her eyebrows. I love love love them. Maybe that's weird but hey, I'm her mom. I'm supposed to love eyebrows.

I'm so grateful these little fireballs of fun are in my life. They can turn an ordinary, rainy, gloomy Saturday into precious moments that I will cherish forever!


TheKeilShpeel said...

love the glasses. It's nice to have these rainy days. It makes for a fun change in the routine

Bree said...

I'm glad they are in my life too. They are so funny! I think Cadence needs an upgrade on her cell phone, so she can have caller id and start screening her phone calls...sounds like Barbie is a bit needy.

Vanessa said...

she does have great eyebrows! Love the rainy days!

Cindy said...

love that toothless grin. Diva is such a beautiful girl! And so expressive.


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