Thursday, February 4, 2010

She's getting married... know...eventually.

Diva occasionally likes to talk about her wedding. And every time she does it turns out to be a pretty funny conversation:

Diva: "Mommy, am I going to get married?"

Me: "One day, yes but not for a long LONG time."

Diva: "Well, WHEN am I going to get married?"

Me (quickly trying to think of an acceptable age): "Um...24?"

Diva: "NO! WHEN am I going to get married?"
(apparently I'm not understanding her question)
Me: " don't know?"

Diva: "*BIG SIGH* NO NO NO!...WHEN?!"
(I then realize she's probably trying to say...WHO)

Me: "Oh you mean...WHO are you going to marry?"
Diva: "Yes! Who am I going to marry?"
Me: "Well who do you want to marry?"

Diva: "Am I going to marry a man?"

Me: " Please!"

Diva: "I'm going to marry Ethan!" (little boy in Sunbeams)

Me: "That sounds great! What kind of food are you going to have at your wedding?"

Diva: "Chicken and rice and broccoli and soup."

Me: "Wow that sounds yummy!"

Diva: "And lollipops! one lollipop...for ME!"

And you're all invited! Just don't expect any lollipops.


The Salvesens said...

Haha that is so funny. I can totally hear how she's talking to you just by reading it. And her menu sounds quite delightful. Too cute Carly. Love that girl!

Morgan -Ing said...

Go over to Nat's blog. Maybe Diego and Diva need to hook up.

Nathaly said...

LOL, your comment on my blog cracked me up. What is it with these little 4 year olds thinking about marriage?!

Vanessa said...

So cute! So funny!!!


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