Thursday, February 11, 2010

One of those days

Long story short: we're moving.

Finding an apartment in this town isn't an easy task. I'm sure finding apartments anywhere really kinda sucks unless you have money coming out of your ears. I sure don't. That would be weird.

So for the past few days I have had my eyes practically glued to the computer screen, searching, googling, clicking, sighing, gasping and being a very inattentive mommy.

Kids don't exactly love apartment hunting or being dragged through various different rentals. Wait, actually I think they do. They just don't like Mommy saying over and over, "Don't touch, leave that alone, let's go, don't take your shoes off, don't touch, leave that alone...." etc. Luckily one of my good friends offered to watch the girls this morning as I ran off to yet another "viewing."

I love our city. It's the city in which both hubby and I were born and raised. Our families are here and who can beat CA weather? I just wish the cost of living wasn't so ridiculous.

So to reward myself and my kids for an exhausting past few days with a few more ahead, I'm doing this:

C' know you want some.


lovinglife said...

I'm dying to hear an update. What are you choosing between?? Darcy

Shane and Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness AMEN!!! It's so depressing!! I love it here but it is so expensive! 2000 for a two bedroom and blah blah blah sorry but that's ridiculous! Am I just cheap or is that insane?! How do people make it here?!

Sorry i'm passionate about this one!

Briana said...

Moving away isn't too bad, Orange County is nice. :) Good luck finding a new home, I actually like moving if I find a better deal somewhere else. But it will be nice to settle down in a house some day! Happy renting for now!

Lindsay said...

Move to Colorado!!! Come on, Casey could get a job here. You know what $2000/month could get you here? $1000?? Come on. I'd be in heaven.

And those cookies look dang good. I have some in my freezer that I'm willing myself not to eat.

Oh yeah, and yes, looking at places with kiddos is so not fun. I was lucky that I only had to do it with one child.

Bree said...

Good luck with the hunt. We have been looking at homes there too and I have no idea how young couples can afford anything. You can always come to Texas!!

Shane and Chelsea said...

We live in the Provence apartments. It's located on McBean and Copper Hill. We like where we live but let's just be honest...apartment living just kind of sucks. We got in here for a steal! Normally a 2 bedrm here is between 1600-1800. We got in for 1227! They needed someone to move in pretty fast so it worked out perfect. I'm sure you know after looking all week that it's hard to find anything decent out here for less than 1500! Just don't settle because I think people are pretty willing to wheel and deal somewhere out there!

Good Luck!!! Let me know how it goes and where you end up!

danielle*scott said...

I say that's totally deserved. Sorry to hear you're moving. Hope you find a place soon!!

Wyatt and Kat said...

Hey! Good luck with the apartment hunting. I think I was on the internet FOREVER trying to look for a new place!

YES, I do want some of those cookies and if you need any help babysitting, I would love to help you out!

The Greenwoods said...

You better be looking at places in the ward!!! Are you moving because I haven't done my visiting teaching yet this month?! I know. I suck. I'll get on that...

TheKeilShpeel said...

wait.. you can't just leave us hanging like that.. Where? I love Briana mentions the OC. afforable of course..
Good luck with whatever you guys decide. We're going to be having that decision too soon as well.


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