Friday, January 29, 2010

Watch your little ones... least, when they are around HER.

Would you believe that this one.... a bully?

Sadly it's true. She beats up kids. She scratches, sometimes bites, pushes, pulls hair and threatens (of course as much threatening as a 22 month-old can do). It doesn't matter if you are bigger or stronger, faster or meaner. She'll still try to get you.

The daycare workers at the YMCA try to break it to me gently..."We had a little bit of a problem with her today." What they really want to say is, "Your kid is kind of a brat, we wish you wouldn't bring her."

At McD's play place the other day as I was gabbin' away with some friends, a woman came over and politely (seriously, she was way too nice about it) told me that my daughter had been hitting and pushing her slightly younger little boy. I was a bit ashamed. I was that mom with that kid. The mom that wasn't paying attention. The kid that bullies other kids. I rectified the situation and went back to my gabbing but kept a close watch on her. Not even ten minutes later she pushed a little girl down the slide. No, not the friendly kind of push. She shoved her down the slide.

The result? Blood. Yup, that little girl hit her lip and bled. My daughter apparently wants to start a toddler fight club.


Vanessa said...

I don't believe it! Look at that grin!

debora said...

At least she's a cute little bully.

The Salvesens said...

Haha oh my gosh! She is definitely already taking after her daddy. KC was such a bully...maybe not to other kids, but definitely to his younger sisters :)Good luck with that!

Bree said...

I seriously don't believe that. She is lucky that she is probably very hard to punish because she is so dang cute. I can't get over that grin!

Lindsay said...

She's a tomboy, through and through.

I like her haircut. Cute little stinker.

brittneyboucha said...

i totally relate to your blog. Braden is already becoming a bully.


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