Sunday, January 10, 2010

My little Mary

I really wish I would have taken pictures over the holidays. Quite honestly I was having so much fun and just being in the moment that pictures were in the back of my mind.

But I do have documentation of Diva as little Mary and her (second?)cousin, Gavin, as a very handsome Joseph. This was before Christmas at a family get-together on hubby's side. I love his family. They are a lot of fun to be around. So thanks to Josh, my cousin in-law, I have cute, adorable pictures to go along with this post.

Cutest little Mary in the world. She took her role very seriously. When Lil' Sis' wandered over and slapped her on the arm, Diva very sternly scolded her saying, "You don't hit Mary!"

And the cookie thief. Josh found this little stinker hiding in the corner, chomping on a cookie. She looks so remorseful.

I don't know where that scrunchy little grin comes from but I hope she never grows out of it.


Jill said...

That has got to be the cutest grin. I love it.

Amber + Jonathan said...

So cute! I love lil sis's cookie hidings!

Becky said...

me too, im a huge fan of the scrunchy

Vanessa said...

That grin is way to cute! Cookie thief, too funny! My daughter takes the role as Mary very serious too, so cute!

jenbulkley said...

These pictures are awesome memories. I love that they wanted to name baby Jesus Gavin


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