Saturday, January 23, 2010


Every single wait...every minute of every single day Diva is in dressed in some sort of princess garb. I am truly not exaggerating. Ask any member of my family.

And this includes sleeping. Yes, she wears them to bed. I practically have to beg her to wear clothes underneath. Some of these dresses are quite scandalous. Who makes these things anyway? Are these people aware that toddlers and preschoolers are their sole demographic? Look, I know Ariel, Jasmine and Tinkerbell are leading the pack in royal (and fairy) immodesty but it doesn't mean all play dresses need to follow their example. Look at Snow White, sweet, naive, silly Snow White. She's got the modesty thing together. Living with seven short men? That's another thing entirely.

Tangent over. So it's been very cold here lately. VERY cold. Put on a beanie, gloves and heavy coat kind of cold but this means the Diva. It could be a crazy blizzard outside and she would insist on wearing nothing but a princess dress. Now I know how to pick my battles and I will do anything to avoid getting into it with my feisty 3.5 year old but tonight I was having none of it. She was wearing a dress much like the one pictured and tells me it is 45 degrees outside. Forty-five!! Now to some people that might feel like Hawaii but to us it might as well be Antarctica.

So we were heading out to get some food and before we wander into the restaurant I hand a sweatshirt to Diva and explain to her that it's very cold and she needs to wear it to keep her warm. Common sense! Oh the meltdown that ensued. I might as well have asked her to put her dress in a shredder!

Over and over again she shouted, "I WANT TO BE COLD! I LIKE TO BE COLD! I WANT TO BE COLD!" How in the heck do I argue with that? So I didn't. I just put the sweatshirt on over her head and over dress and took her out of the car and all the while the screaming continued. I'm pretty sure 90% of the people in the parking lot were thinking she was being tortured but I have mastered the "Serenity Now" look and I don't give a hoot what strangers are thinking anyway.

While waiting for our food I notice Diva looking at herself in the reflection of the glass doors. She was turning every which way and I could almost feel the thoughts running through her head...."This sweatshirt looks absolutely atrocious."

As soon as we got back into the car she ripped that sweatshirt right off and was probably hoping that none of her princes saw her in such ridiculous, pedestrian clothing.

Good luck to those princes.


Diana said...

I used to hate when people would say "oh just you wait" but I have to say it " just wait until she is 13" sorry but true. I will still love her anyways. Maybe she can hang out with me and I will let her wear whatever she wants. Thats what grandparents do, right?

Lindsay said...

Ha ha ha! Oh, the joys of having girls, huh? I can just picture her checking herself out in that sweatshirt. How dare you, Mom.

debora said...

Just give up and let her wear her finery everywhere. We'll just have to keep our eyes opened for a princess worthy sweatshirt.

Vanessa said...

Oh, us girls are so funny! We would rather look good than be warm or have our feet hurt if it means we are wearing those fantastic shoes! :)She is such a girl, a very cute princess girl! :)

jolley girl said...

That is hilarious! She's so adorable but definitely set in what she wants to wear. How funny. I am so excited you are coming!! I miss you and I can't wait to see you, Lindsay and your mom! Love you!

TR said...

Cute. Savanna went through a stage like that as well but she's over it now. I quickly realized that if I indulged her and didn't make a big deal about it, she wasn't as adamant. It was like every day was Halloween or something when we went out in public. And trust me-45 is WARM! :)


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