Saturday, December 12, 2009

Anybody home?

I'm totally on a blogging drought. Any ideas? I need some. What do you want to see from us?


Lindsay said...

How about your trip to Disneyland? Or your Thanksgiving?

Or how much you LOVED New Moon and how you feel so torn now because before the movie you were totally Team Edward but now that Jacob is like this total sweetheart, (not to mention his killer bod) you just don't know anymore???

Cindy said...

all of the above^^

just post pictures! or more funny stories. those are always the best.

Morgan -Ing said...

I noticed you had been quiet lately...

The Greenwoods said...

You can talk about how freakin' AMAZING your Visiting teachers are! Just kidding! Missed you at the Ward Christmas Party on Saturday--but hope you enjoyed some peaceful time to yourself. See you Thursday!

Bree said...

Thanksiving??? Disneyland??? How my visit that was lifechanging??

Yeah I am on a drought now too. Good luck!


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