Sunday, November 22, 2009

Please take note of what she is wearing. It's mid-November and about 60 degrees outside yet she insists on dressing like it's July. Sure I could tell her to change but have you tried reasoning with a 3.5 year old? Impossible.

It's hard to get many pictures of this girl because she is incapable of holding still. She is go go go all day long talking to her imaginary friends, twirling around like a fairy, dancing like a princess, scolding her pretend children, riding her scooter, terrorizing her sister and telling Mommy what she is supposed to be doing at every moment.

Today I let her play with the camera and here is her best shot: (Oh my gosh that sounds like Tyra...*shudder*)

I mean hey, she got me in focus.

I appreciate her silliness and like to participate in her "let's crawl around acting like doggies" adventures. But if I'm being honest she can really wear me out sometimes. Okay most of the time. I may or may not have shooed her away to play with her daddy outside so I could post this. I guess that screams hypocrisy. Or maybe irony?

However she is my Diva. She is smart, beautiful, adorable, incredibly imaginative, hilarious and downright dramatic. She says things like, "Okay...whatever Mommy." or "You are making things worse Mommy." or "You are making me crazy!" (gee I wonder where she picks up these phrases)
She also sings. A lot. She flutters around the house belting out "I am a child of God" and in Sacrament meeting her voice can be heard in every pew. At least that is what I have been told.

Sometimes the drama and craziness in my house are overwhelming and I find myself wondering how life would be if I had boys but it's only for a moment. I wouldn't trade my moody munchkins for anything.


Vanessa said...

Girls, Girls, Girls! We have drama at our house too! Gotta love them!

debora said...

I love listening to her talk to her imaginary friend Ryker.

Cindy said...

She is definitely a very entertaining little girl!

Joy Winner-or-Whiner said...

My kiddies had an imaginary friend for about a week and then they forgot all about

Lindsay said...

Awww, your posts and pics always make me miss those girls. That Diva is a fun one to talk to. Sooo entertaining.


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