Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Station Fire

If you don't presently reside in California here's a little taste of what's happening at the moment:

All that smoke drifting on the left of the screen is settling right over our valley. It's lovely.

Many prayers are with the families who have lost their homes and with the firefighters working 'round the clock to protect more families from the same tragedy.


The Freshman said...

It was ridiculously smoky in Provo yesterday but there weren't any local fires... I wonder if this one is bad enough to travel all the way over here??

Lindsay said...

It's that lovely time of year again. Other parts of the country get fall and SoCal gets fire.

Today it was a little hazy here and I kept expecting to smell smoke when I came out. Hope you're heeding your hubby's advice and not working out outside. Make Mom do the same.

debora said...

yes the smoke from Cali. has traveled all the way to Utah and beyond.
I have been running outside. Probably not a good idea when you can see ash floating around.
I say bring on the rain!

KC said...

Debbie that is ridiculous, the air quality is so bad right now!

I"m so sick of living in a las vegas casino.

Can we organize a group rain dance, we need rain so bad to clean out the sky.


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