Thursday, September 10, 2009

In Memoriam

10:45 pm and I am desperately trying to get Diva to go to sleep. I go sit by her on her bed and watch her play with her paper fairies. (I print out about 3 fairies a day for her on and she flies them around until they are forgotten or trampled.)

Anyway soon she sheepishly asks if she can sleep on the ground in our bedroom. I sigh, and agree simply because I want to go to bed!

She asks, "Can I bring my fairies?"

Me, "Sure."

Diva, "But not the dead one."

Me, "What?! The dead one?"

Diva, "Yeah, she died...see?"

She runs over to the bathroom and grabs a fairy off the counter that apparently suffered a slow, painful death drowning in the tiny puddles of water by the sink; ink smeared across her face forming a grotesque shadow of her former self.

R.I.P Emily Nightfluff


Kelli said...

Haha aww, so sad. I'll bet she never saw it coming.

Bree said...

Poor Emily never stood a chance. Maybe you should start a fairy cemetary in your backyard or at least say a few words in her honor before she goes into the trash.

Lindsay said...

Ha ha! Too funny. Yeah, I guess tiny puddles of water are fatal to paper fairies.

Cindy said...

hahaha oh Diva. She sure has quite the imagination.
Oh, and I am very happy to know that "Emily Nightfluff" is not just something you made up because on they have those sorts of creepy last names.

debora said...

Slow death by water torture. Poor, poor Emily N.

Ryan said...

I hope it wasn't waterboarding.

The Salvesens said...

She never stood a chance...Poor paper dolly.


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