Friday, May 1, 2009

Save me

Dear Hubby:

I know it's your day off. I know you're out golfing right now and I'm glad you're having fun and relaxing. You deserve it. You never golf so today is very rare.

But please, come save me. Diva clogged the toilet. I tried using our crap-of-a-plunger to unclog it. I thought it was a success until I heard gurgling coming from the bathtub. Diva's bath toys are now taking a poop/old toilet paper/urine bath. The smell is disgusting. Lil' Sis wanted to play in it. I put her in her crib.

Don't worry I called Roto-Rooter.

Now I must go and don my bathroom cleaning gloves to rescue the toys and sterilize them.

Love you,


Danielle said...

Oh man. That stinks! So sorry! Hopefully Mr. Rooter can save you soon!

Kelli said...

Ew gross. How can such a little girl clog the toilet that much?

Morgan and Derek said...

Oh you poor thing. I'm so sorry!

Vanessa said...

I'm so sorry but that totally made me laugh! You poor thing! GROSS!

KC said...

3 year old + paper towels left in the bathroom + access to bathroom in the middle of the night while we sleep
= recipe for disaster ($350 plumbing bill)

You just have to laugh in the end. The wad of paper towels the plumber sucked out (after disconnecting our toilet) was the size of a grapefruit.

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

aaaaaaaaaack...that's so gross!

Bree said...

I heard about this one, so I knew a post was coming. Be careful what you wish for b/c it's almost like Cadence is saying....'ok mom, you are the one who wanted me potty trained.So here ya go!' I am SO SO SO SO sorry. I can't imagine what a nightmare that was.

The Greenwoods said...

Too funny! I know it wasn't for you while you were going through your ordeal--but I was entertained! Haha! You should have called me! I could have run over and watched your girls while you "plunged"!!

Amanda Howell said...

Next time call James. He is a plumber you know and familiar with that kind of clog. Too funny. I'm sorry you had to go through that.


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