Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Lil' Sis is 14 months old today! Time flies!

She is still nursing too and while I don't think 14 months is too old (AT ALL) to still be nursing I decided that *I* would like to be done.

It's a problem though. I think she's addicted. Just when I think I've weaned her down to once in the mornings she gets all whiny on me and wants more. I admit that sometimes I think it's cute and/or amusing when she tries to lift my shirt up and find the goods. Most of the time I can distract her with something else but if she's extra whiny or she hurts herself then nursing is the perfect remedy. It's so easy! *Sigh* I'm just in a vicious cycle I suppose.

Oh and nursing a 14 month old is not so calming and quiet as say nursing a 2 month old is. It turns into an acrobatic session. "Hey mommy look I can stand on my head while holding my toes AND nurse at the same time-aren't I so talented?"

I'm not too worked up about it. I'll be going on a trip without her in August and she MUST be weaned by then. I guess I have some time.


Morgan and Derek said...

You never know, she may quit on her own before August. Spencer did... Henry was a bit more of a challenge. I weaned him at 17 months and it wasn't too horrific. Just a bit...

debora said...

Just wean her before she asks you to hold her chewing gum while she nurses. :) Its all about distraction.

Lindsay said...

She'll get there, slowly but surely. With Luke, besides distraction, I also made sure he was fed (with actual food) at regular intervals so he was never super hungry and wanting to nurse. I think I started weaning around 13 months and he wasn't completely weaned until 16 months.

Oh yeah, and totally know what you mean about it not being peaceful nursing. I knew I was ready to wean when all the pinching and scratching really started to annoy me.

hays said...

i think you should win some sort of award.

maybe a giant gold breast?

i didn't wean until i was almost 2. i guess my mom just made it a miserable experience for me and would layer blankets over herself.

maybe that's why i'm claustrophobic?


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