Saturday, March 21, 2009


I can't access Facebook and it makes me sad.

Is it just me or is anyone else having problems with it?

*I had an epiphany right after I posted this that's it's probably my browser. Yup, I was right*

So now my question is, anybody have any clue why Facebook is not working with my Firefox? I heart firefox. I can't give it up!


Cindy said...

It is just you.

Diana said...

I do not evenknow what firefox is, I can barely log on to comment on your blog. Sorry. Conryd would know though, he is computer king. Give the girls a hug.

The Salvesens said...

My facebook isn't working either. Well it'll work and then I'll try to go to another page and then it'll give me an error thing. And we use firefox. I'm not sure if its just our connection or if it's a firefox problem. Anywhooo you're not in the lone.

Kara said...

I use Firefox, and can access it just fine. That's weird. Sorry! If I had any idea why, I'd LOVE to help you out. I heart Firefox too. :)

Lund Family said...

I am using Firefox too and it's working fine. Good Luck!

Lindsay said...

What's so great about Firefox?

Rene and Anthony said...

Hey Carly I know we have already made the connection about each others blogs but I just was looking at amandas and then looked at your families and then found yours....i didn't know you had your own last time we chatted. So I am going to add you to my list so I can keep tabs on your cute family.
I hope all is well!!!!

The Marsdens said...

Your on facebook? How come we aren't friends?


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