Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking back

Because of Lil Sis's birthday the other day I was looking through old pics throughout her pregnancy and other moments in her life. It made me kinda miss being pregnant. Kinda.

Since I started my blog the day of her birth I wanted to post a couple belly pics.


It was nice being able to take the picture myself because I could angle my face in the mirror in such a way so you couldn't see my triple chin that I obtain during pregnancy.



debora said...

love the protruding belly button.

Danielle said...

Girl - you are TINY. Triple chin my butt. I'm not buying it!

Scott and Kathy said...

Look at your skinny butt though! Cute baby.

Sophia said...

Yeah right triple chin! All you have is a ball in front of your tummy! You are so cute pregnant!!


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