Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Ceeeelebrate good times...

Proud Daddy and Mommy (Never have posted that pic of myself..anywhere!)

One year later!

Oh yes my friends today is truly a day for celebrations. Not only is it my 1 year Blogiversary but it is also Lil' Sis's FIRST Birthday! Hooray!

What's that now? You wish you had a pretty link to Lil's Sis's birth story? Here ya go!

May I say that I really loved Lil's Sis's labor and birth without people wanting to throw stuff at me?

It was quick, relatively easy and I felt like a million bucks afterward. I still remember my nurse's name-Margarite and how amazing she was. Not only did she accommodate my wishes she also delivered my baby! Quick funny story: When Lil' Sis was about 5 months old I was in Target and I heard a voice. It was unbelievably familiar to me but it was a voice that was not consistently in my life circle. I crept around the corner and saw Margarite! I knew she would never recognize me so I quickly went up to her and gushed about how wonderful she was. It was a little weird to think about how she had seen me in my most "vulnerable" state but I didn't really care. I heart her.

Nurses will make or break a delivery experience. I would never hesitate to kick a crappy nurse out of my labor room and neither should any laboring mother.

Anyhoo so today is her birthday (my baby's not Margarite's) and it's obviously bittersweet. The year went by so fast because she is such a sweet and wonderful baby. In honor of her twelfth month here are twelve things I love about her:

1. Her birthmark that looks like a large mole on her left hip-SO.CUTE.
2. Her obsession with me. She is 100% a momma's girl.
3. Her love for nursing which in turn makes me love it. I thought I would probably wean her at one year but I don't see an end in the near future.
4. The way she scrunches her nose when she smiles.
5. How she loves to point at stuff and say, "Whadat?" (What's that?)
6. "Mamamamama"
7. Her ba-donka-donk. Baby got back.
8. The fact that she now consitently sleeps through the night. Really love it.
9. The way she snuggles up against me when she's tired. Diva never ever did that.
10. How she loves her big sister so much and is so excited to see her in the mornings.
11. When she crawls up and sits in Diva's play chair and looks at me with an "I'm such a big girl Mommy!" look.

12. That she is part of our family. Her sweetness makes me not so terrified to continue having more children.

It amazes me how children from the same parents can be so different. Lil' Sis is very shy and apprehensive around new people, whereas Diva, when she was around the same age would wave and say, "Hi!" to strangers at the grocery store.

Happy Birthday my little munchkin!!


hays said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

The Salvesens said...

SO sweet! I miss that girl! And why is it that the husbands always look more exhausted and worn out than the wives who just gave birth? Carly you looked AMAZING! And she is such a little angel. Happy Birthday lil' sis

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to the sweetest baby in the world! I LOVE you lil sis!!

Lindsay said...

Happy birthday little cutie! I love your little shy looks. Glad I can be here for the big day.

And Carly, I just love that t-shirt.

Jenni said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! You look awesome in that picture!!!! I wish I looked like that post baby.

Shane and Chelsea said...

Lil Sis is so pretty! She seems like such a good happy babe! Happy Birthday! We should get our girls together soon!

Bree said...

Happy Birthday Maya!!! I can't believe she is already one! So, about comment number 12....does that mean you have something to announce???? JK. She is a such a sweetheart. I wish I could be there to give her a big fat birthday hug.


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