Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Love to wake up to these smiles every morning.


Love that little nose

LOVES to climb stairs.

P.S. Thanks peeps for outing yourselves. I already knew all of YOU read my blog but I know there are others out there keeping their stalker status!


Aly said...

Awh, those pictures literally brought tears to my eyes! Those sad faces on Diva and Lil Sis. They are too precious! I can't believe how fast they're growing up. I just saw them a month ago and they're already looking so much older! So cute Carly. Love you guys! Give my love to the girls and the bro-sif (that's Casey in case you didn't know)

Lindsay said...

Oh my sweet nieces--I miss them!! Looks like M is getting some more the back. They're so stinkin cute.

Cindy said...

Diva is definately living up to the "Diva" name in these pictures!! haha.. and her multiple personalities. haha but that's why I love her! And Lil Sis is SO DANG CUTE I can't even stand it!

Cindy said...


I spelled definitely like that....

simply to drive you to insanity. I can now do my plan laugh... muuahhhahhhhaaaaaa

Vanessa said...

Your blog is so cute! I love the black and white pics of your girls. I found your blog through sis Sophi's blog. Hope it's okay!


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