Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last night we gathered for family prayer in Diva's room.

Daddy: " Okay [Diva] do you want to say prayer?"

Diva: "Okay I say it."
Dear Heavenly Fader...
dank you for the day, dank you for bwessings we have-
wait... I'm broken-
you say it Daddy!"


Nathaly said...

Hey Carly! I think your blog is doing that thing on my blog where it doesn't want to update. I don't know how I missed all these posts! So here's the catch up:
-Diva is hilarious. Great prayer! Instead of "I'm broken", Diego just whispers, "What's next?"
-Your pictures are gorgeous as usual! Don't you love black and white?
-The Rob thing was so so funny!
-Aaaand, I read your blog. The FL hits are probably me.

There. All caught up!

Cindy said...

hahahaha... Diva is quite the character. She never fails to entertain!

Bob C said...

We love Diva.


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