Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey Rob-doing some sidework?

hahaha...he's totally going to kill me for posting this pic.

That should get my brother's attention. Maybe he'll even comment.

For the past couple days Diva has been saying she wants to watch "Wob." Rob is my brother.
I was confused. She rarely sees him.

"I wanna watch WOB! Go find it!"


Then yesterday she saw it and said, "WOB!"

That's right. My brother Rob, the lawyer, has been doing some sidework for Taxcut.
(not really)

I have a feeling Diva is going to be sorely disappointed if I put this in the DVD player.

More importantly, Rob, we're expecting our refund next week so....get on that.


Lindsay said...

Ha ha ha!! That's hilarious. Rob, you should be flattered--not because Mr. Tax Cut is good looking or anything--but because the Diva thinks of you.

It's funny to think of what went through her mind: "Hey, there's Rob on a DVD. I want to watch him."

Jenni said...

Hmmm... I wonder how many strangers on the street she goes up to and says "WOB! LOOK MOM THERES WOB!"

She's too cute!

Rob said...

Yeah, thanks for that posting the first goofy picture.

So she thinks I have a pretty high/receding hair line, eh?

It's nice to know that she knows who I am since I could probably count the number of times I've seen her on my two hands.

debora said...

I wonder what Diva thinks the Wob movie would be all about.
Scenes of Rob hard at work at the law firm, hiking, making out with Whitney....
Diva is so smart, she never forgets a face.

The Greenwoods said...

How funny! But are from California! You should be waiting for your IOU instead!!!

Sara said...

Okay, that is SO funny, lol.


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