Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two posts in one day. GASP!

It must mean that my children are in bed....before 9 pm. Somebody sound the trumpets!

Lil' sis turned 9 months yesterday. Her feisty personality is becoming much more apparent the older she gets. If big sister Diva screams at her she screams right back. Take something away from her and she screeches until you return it. Great. However she is still the happiest and "smileyest" baby you will ever meet. Strangers are constantly commenting on her sweet smiles which she flashes so generously. I could eat that toothless grin for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Wait a second, why am I not in the tub with my sister! Hey mom, put down the camera and help a girl out will ya!"

She adores her older sister. In the mornings when we wait for Diva to rise and shine, she plays right by her door and squeals and giggles until she succeeds in waking her up.

On a totally different note:

THANK YOU to Nee Nee and Papa for a wonderful Christmas week full of love, attention, whales, dolphins and seals. Oh yeah and this:

Barbie Island Princess Princess Rosella Talking and Singing Styling Head
Still creeps me out but don't worry...she LOVES IT!


Lindsay said...

Awww. I didn't get to spend enough time with those two during this wedding trip. Cutest girls ever.

I like that bath picture--very cool. And is that Barbie head a replacement of DUB? Whatever happened to her anyway? Oh, and didn't a certain Nee Nee give her that, too? I see a theme going on here. :) Ha ha, just kidding. The Diva obviously loves her Nee Nee presents.

The Wifey said...

Oh don't worry Lindsay. DUB is alive and well. She's sleeping with Diva as I type.

debora said...

I can now see what Cindy means-lil' sis looking like a potato. An incredibly cute potato. Spud, tater-tot.

Cindy said...

that picture of you two on the little ride is so cute!! Diva's smile is a LITTLE intense though! haha


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