Friday, December 19, 2008

So long, farewell

*She's cute now but come 5 pm she turns into the Demon Diva.*

This last week, one of the most glorious things a mother could ask for left the building. When my Diva was a baby I dreaded the day these "gifts" would end. I tried to force it; I tried to grasp onto it as long as I could but alas I had to let go. My friends, my eldest daughter has quit taking naps. How do I know she's done with naps? Well because if she does get one during the day then she will not fall asleep before 11 pm. Ever. Most nights she's probably still awake at midnight, reading in her bed or talking to herself. Bed time routines have become a major hassle, she will stall and scream and stall for hours.

Yes I can hear your gasps and I almost feel your hugs of sympathy. What? Two and half is too young to quit naps? I thought so too hence my grasping. The 2-3 hours in the afternoon of blessed silence has ceased. I am now at the mercy of a hyper child at the exact time when my blood sugar and energy levels are at their lowest. Save me.

I will fondly remember the days of thinking, "Just a couple more hours and then I can put her to bed and do what I need to do." Those "need to do's" included many things:

starting dinner early
bill paying
drinking up the beautiful silence

No more. Should I feel like a terrible mother since I looked oh so forward to her nap times? Absolutely not. Mothers, especially ones that stay home with young children need a couple hours in the midday to regroup or to accomplish tasks that simply cannot be done when their kids are awake or around.

So, since I have these extra couple hours with her all to myself (little sweet baby sister thankfully still naps during this time) I have decided to review her letters and numbers and pretend like I'm a good mother who teaches her child. And yes I will admit that Chicken Little, Tinkerbell, Cars and Elmo are well known and beloved figures in our home. Sue me.

P.S. It might seem that my recent posts have become biased. as if I love my baby more than my toddler. Well I do. No I'm kidding. I love, love, love my Diva but toddlers test you and try your patience at every opportunity and they can devitalize even the most energetic people. So it's rejuvenating to pick up a sweet baby and know they are unable to scream at you or order you around or ask you the same question 56 times in a row.....yet. Even though my Diva's attitude makes me want to punch a hole in the wall, it's that same spunk and moxie that makes her so adorable and unique. I wouldn't it change it for the world!


Nathaly said...

I am so so so so sorry. Have you tried "quiet time" in her room? I had to do that with Diego yesterday because he refused to take a nap. I didn't think it would work, but it did. He stayed in there for an hour and played. Better than nothing.

And to answer your question, I have Photoshop CS3. I'm trying to learn to not go crazy with the editing!

Morgan and Derek said...

It hurts SOOOOO bad when they quit napping. It made me cry, kind of a lot. But, now I totally use that time as "movie" time. And then I can usually still get stuff done. Just no more napping for me.... :(

Morgan and Derek said...
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Manda said...

Just ditto Carly. Well said. Especially about babies/toddlers. Much nicer than I would have said it :)
I kind of wonder what it would be like to get our girls together. Would they erupt and become super demons?

Lund Family said...

I feel for you. I those quiet times. Nicholas went back to taking naps so i got mine back. Ditto what nat said. I would try a quiet time for at least an hour. You still need that ME time.Good Luck!

Lindsay said...

So sorry. That silence in the middle of the day really is blessed. But now you get it at night, right? I bet you could even get away with putting her to bed earlier.

Ditto about the babies vs. toddlers. I said once that I would have TEN babies...if they didn't turn into toddlers!

debora said...

I would have had ELEVEN babies if they didn't turn into toddlers...preschoolers...TEENAGERS!!
Oh wait....

Carolyn said...

What a sad, sad day. :( You will get used to it though! Jordyn stopped taking naps right after 2, but then she started going to sleep really early, so look at it as a trade off!!! :)

btw, tv totally counts as quiet time lol

Bob C said...

Yeah I was sure glad when you shut up when you were two.


Jenni said...

Lol! Rem turns into a demon after 5pm too. Evenings are the hardest!

Sara said...

Oh that IS sad, but ditto Carolyn- when Tyler stopped taking naps he went to bed waaay earlier so we're all happy now, lol.


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