Friday, December 5, 2008

Life under tyranny...

Some days I wish I had a camera constantly recording to document what I go through on a daily basis with this girl.

Typical car ride:

Diva: "I see a doggy!! I see two doggies!! Wook! Der day are!"
Me:"Oh yeah? Wow!"
Diva: (she is now screaming in her demonic, exorcist-worthy voice) "NOOOO.....SAY IT!! SAY, 'I SEE A DOGGY!' SAY IT MOMMY!"

*cowering with fright*

I repeat. She seems satisfied.

But no, it is not over.

Diva: "We're going to da park today! We're going to swing and pway in da sand!"
Me: "That's right we are going to play in the park!"

If I so much as alter the inflection in my voice or change one word I am consequently screamed at the rest of the way home. No joke.

This scene reoccurs over and over throughout the day. You would think that I would just learn to repeat everything before she starts screaming but it doesn't work that way. Sometimes I have to repeat, other times I must listen and then reply with her wording. Not mine.

I hope year 3 will have a better outlook for me.

Somebody help me. please. I need a safe haven. A shelter perhaps.


Bree & Lance said...

I am dying laughing reading this. I know you probably don't want laughter to be the reaction people to have...but between that picture and your safe haven comment I am on the floor. I can't wait to see you and the repeat nazi. =)

Aly & Conryd Salvesen said...

Haha that Cadence. She is one little smarty, demanding girl. I'm so excited to see her. It's been forever, and well, I guess I'm excited to see you too :) Hogwid is excited as well. Maybe we'll be able to take your kids for a bit and give you some time of peace and quiet.

Lindsay said...

You're funny. And that picture is so fitting.

Sorry, but year 3 has not been better for us. Worse, actually. I went through the repeat stage with Tucker, but now the required responses are just more and more complicated and difficult to figure out. For example, only occasionally am I supposed to repeat what he says. I forget this, and then if I say what I think he's going to say before he does--oh no. And often, there is a specific response he is wanting me to say. But he cannot tell me; I'm just supposed to know. Oh the wrath when I don't. I wish he'd send me a script every day.

Also, when they're two, you can blame disobedience on ignorance. But when they're three--it's willful (sp?? sorry) and deliberate.

Sorry. Long comment. Guess I should make my own blog post about it.

debora said...

Aaaah. Sweet revenge. hahahaha!

Kate said...

Oh, my goodness, the more she talks, the more she sounds like Clark! Let's just hope for the sake of future children that they never find each other and decide to marry...

Cindy said...

did she rip you to shreds and burn the pieces after you took that picture???

Kate said...

Oh my heck this is so funny! But sad too. Maybe a restraining order? I don't know what to tell you.

Kate said...

Oh, I forgot to say earlier...

If she's anything like my tyrannical child (and most other children I know), 2 had nothin' on 3. It's a whole new ballgame. Apparently they become human again at 4--I'm very anxiously awaiting Clark's birthday to see if that's true...


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