Friday, November 14, 2008


With her binky.

Plus she's crawling. Gulp.

P.S. Had to add that yes that is Diva, in a swim suit, in the middle of November. CA has yet to get the memo that it is FALL...almost WINTER. For Pete's sake. And who the heck is Pete?


Aly & Conryd Salvesen said...

awh maya is such a little precious baby. I can't wait to hold her and give her lots of loves! and cadence... I thought she was a little surfer chick. I was just waiting for her to give us the hang loose sign and say the word "brah" or "wicked awesome."

Hayley said...

Yay! Time to baby proof...again.

Morgan and Derek said...

Oh, look at her go!

Lindsay said...

Good job baby! (What's her nickname?) Neither of my boys crawled until 9 months. Can't wait to see her in a few days!!!


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