Sunday, November 9, 2008

More ME time

Yes I do wish I had more ME time but that's besides the point. I've been tagged several more times. I've done this tag before but I'll do it again because I know you all LOVE to read more about ME!

Random facts

1. I have to sleep with something weighty on my feet. I mean like a pillow or a blanket. I have no idea why but I can't sleep unless there is something heavier covering my feet.
2. I don't understand how people can skip breakfast. I HAVE to eat something in the morning or else I'll die. Not really but it feels like it.
3. Up until about the age of 15, whenever I went to a restaurant, I received a kids menu. It bugged the CRAP out of me. I wanted to hurl the menus at the waiter and scream, "I AM NOT A CHILD!" I understand I looked young for my age but I LOOK like a 6 year-old??
Tying in with this story, the other day I stuck my hand out of the car to give a NO on 8 protester a thumbs down. He yelled at me, "Can you even VOTE?!" *snicker*
4. Before I ever even took permit classes I liked to take my parents' land cruiser for spins down the street. I'd park it back in the garage and no one was the wiser. Then one day after said spin down the street I angled the car incorrectly when I drove into the impossibly small garage. It got stuck. I pulled it back out and white paint was etched into the BLACK, now DENTED driver-side door. I freaked. I immediately told my parents. Thankfully the white paint came off and my brother fixed the dent. Good as new. Though my dad now likes to tell that story to anybody who will listen.
5. I detest combing my hair. Yup. I only ever brush it when I get out of the shower but it takes FOR-EV-ER. Somehow in the process of washing my hair it becomes a thick, tangled, snarly mess. It is the most tedious part of my overall hygiene. I'd say it takes a good 15 minutes to comb it out completely. Seriously it's ridiculous.
6. I've said this before but I am a spelling Nazi. I am not exempt from my own spelling mistakes but I try to be error-free. There are a couple random blogs I read (none of which are linked on my sidebar) that are RIDDLED with spelling mistakes. I don't know why I continue to read them. It literally makes my brain hurt. The misuse of your and you're has got to be the worst. For example: "I told him, your going to regret that!" Arghh! Just typing that makes me want to pull my hair out. Also, what is with the random apostrophes people? There are some blog titles with this kind of header: "The Johnson's" Um....the Johnson's what? The Johnson's backyard? The Johnson's spaceship? WHAT?!
7. I am horrible at math. In school I was pretty good in Science (not chemistry), English and other classes but in math I was downright awful. To this day if I make cookies over at my parents' house and I have to double or triple the recipe I end up asking my younger siblings how to add fractions. It's embarrassing. I have diagnosed myself with math dyslexia. In high school I was in an Algebra Trig class with my best friend. We had an upcoming test and I studied my butt off. I paid rapt attention in every lesson and went over the pre-test about 6 times. My best friend? Yeah she slept through every lesson. I ended up teaching HER the material for the test. Test time came and I scored an 80%. Not horrible but certainly not great. My best friend scored a 99%! Admittedly I gave up after that. I was depressed after having worked so hard. That 80% was the highest test score I received during the whole semester. I abhor math.


Jill said...

I enjoy your word choice of rapt and abhor.

Marisa said...

I agree about all the apostrophes. Some blogs are apostrophe catastrophes! (Ha! I'm a dork.)

Cindy said...

haha.. Carly I have the same problem when I sleep. I HAVE to have something heavy on my feet or else that's all I think about and then I never get to sleep. Maybe it is hereditary

Lindsay said...

Funny about the feet sleeping thing. Ryan's the opposite--he cannot have anything weighing more than a feather on his feet.

And, sorry, but you did look like you a 6 year old for a very long time.

debora said...

Lots of genetic traits going on in this post. Your(hair pulling,hehe) "seriously so blessed"

Mostly Leighanna, some Jordan said...

was that trina that got a 99%?? for some reason I feel like I've heard that story but I'm not sure. anyway...remember when I tried to help you with chemistry? haha. it's ok carly, being good at chemistry gets you nowhere. trust me.

Jill said...

No worries, I appreciate the advice. I don't want to be induced, because being my first, I want to know what it's like to actaully go into labor like a normal person...then bring on the drugs after that unless for some odd reason I do not have the lowest pain threshold of any human alive at that point. My only dilema - we are supposed to be moving back to CA (Yay, and we have to hang out!) like a week or two after he's due, so if I haven't had him by 41 weeks I may have no choice. Let's hope he isn't as stubborn as I am and just comes on out. :)


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