Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comical…but is it?

Husband and I have been discussing Diva’s anxieties.  It’s a little over the top.  She gets worked up over little things very, very easily.  Sometimes it’s almost funny but most times it’s holy-crap-frustrating.

Case in point:

She has a good bye routine down to a science.  It has to be done at bedtime, at school and when Dad leaves for work.  It  goes something like this-

First is a round of blowing and catching kisses…called “catch the kiss.”  And if it’s Dad saying goodbye before work, he has to do a funny tie trick first. Then….

Diva: Good bye!

Us: repeat

Diva: I love you!

Us: I love you TOO.  (It has, HAS to be I love you TOO…not I love you.)

Diva:  See you later alligator!

Us: repeat

Diva:  See you later crocodile!

Us:  repeat

Diva:  See you later!

Us: Repeat

Diva:  Bye!


Nothing can be altered.  We veer off the path of this script and we pay for it.  Dearly.

While I understand that many children have their little routines, I believe hers is heavily laden with some unexplainable anxiety.  If Dad is running late in the morning and forgets part of this routine she will run…screaming down the street and will be inconsolable for the next 15 minutes.  I actually am starting to feel for her because I don’t think she can help it.  So we’ve been researching ideas to help her cope.  Poor girl. 

I’m beginning to realize that most of her poor behavior stems from this general problem; that she can’t control her anxiousness.  Because she is truly the sweetest, brightest, most caring five year-old I know.  I don’t worry at all how she’ll be with her new baby brother. She will be his second mother.  No doubt.



debora said...

She is the cutest, sweetest little 5 year old. Is that dress she's wearing the one I think it is? Tug at my heartstrings.

Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia, Naomi} said...

Georgie does the same thing. We had 7, that's right SEVEN, episodes yesterday-- screaming, yelling, kicking, running down the street like a wild woman, foaming at the mouth, eyes rolling back. I know her's stems from being overly tired, but OH MY GOODNESS. It is exhausting and frustrating to deal with.

I totally feel for you. I'd love to know where you've been researching. I feel like I've been racking my brain with how to parent her. She's SOOOOOO different than Jacob... and Naomi as well. They're all different, but Georgia Ann is certainly the most difficult for my parenting style.

Hope as they age it improves...

debora said...

Is she wearing the dress I made for you? That's a tug at my heartstrings. Love everything about that little girl so much!!

KickButtMommy said...

Its so hard. I think it is in part an oldest child issue. I struggled with it for many years with Christian...even excessive hand washing, which really freaked me out, especially since anxiety/ocd run rampant in my family, but he is sort of grown out of it, or able to cope better. I don't generally notice him being anxious much at all anymore. Let me know if you wanna talk.


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