Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Bear redux.


Brother in-law K generously invited the fam up to Big Bear again this past weekend.  So fun to get away and see the beauty it has to offer!

hike-1 tree-1

We enjoyed hiking and the girls loved playing, “Blue’s Clues” along the way.  They looked for the markers and we learned some fun facts about various plants and surrounding areas.  The above tree is over 1500 years old.  Pretty cool, no?



We headed to Alpine Slides and the girls  Uncle K was so obliging as he took his turn taking each of the girls down for a slide.

slide-1 slide2-1

alpine slide-1


I, of course was forbidden to attempt the slides.

ace-1  fish-1

And last but not least we attempted to fish.  Attempted.  We sat for over an hour and those dang fish would.not.bite.  Hey, they were jumping all over the place but I guess they were just teasing us.  I will say though there were well over 50 boats on that lake and not ONE person caught anything while we were there.  And these guys were pros.  So we didn’t feel too bad.

My 10 year-old little bro DID fall into the lake though.  That was classic.  He didn’t think it was amusing.

Oh well, we had fun hanging out with the fam and enjoying General Conference.  Best part was smothering my nephew in kisses.  He gets cuter every time I see him. 

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Kelli said...

I might be obsessed with that picture of him. Might be.


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