Friday, July 22, 2011

paint4-1 kitty-1

Wow.  Apparently Diva did a really great paint job.  (see post below)


So, we don’t own a cat.  Probably never will.  But this morning as I was upstairs getting ready for the day I turned around and there she was.  A cat.  Um.  Okay?  How in the…?  Where did she…?  Then I realized the girls had left the front door open and she (or he, really what do I know?) must have wandered in.  She mosied around the house, licked the girls’ cereal bowls and enjoyed sprawling across the stairs while the girls enthusiastically pet her and scratched her back.  And I must say, she is quite the mellow creature.  Most cats I know are skittish and angry and do NOT like kids.  But she was different so I didn’t mind letting her stay for a bit.  I don’t know who she belongs to but I’m sure we’ll see her again. 

In other news:


Little M is a officially a swimmer.  She has had no lessons or help.  In fact, whenever hubby or myself tried to guide her in the right direction, she would scream and cling to us and refused to let go.  So I said forget it and left her to hang out on the steps.  I guess that was enough for her, because she figured how to swim above the safety of the steps and then just two days ago she jumped (belly flopped) right in and never looked back. 



I am grateful for the convenience of having several pools so close!

Oh, and how in the heck do you get the green out of blonde hair?? She’s going to resemble….someone with green hair. 


Lindsay said...

Very random about the cat.

Love those pictures!

KickButtMommy said...

Crazy cat. Cute girl! I LOVE when they figure out how to swim!

Ben and Alex Brown said...

HAHA i remember the days of washing our hair with my moms mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. Mix it like a paste and then let it sit on the hair while they are in the tub, and when you rinse, the water turns green!!

debora said...

Wow! Great pics. She looks like she's flying.

Kerrie said...

Who needs swim lessons? my kids just figured it out too. So fun!

Stringham Family said...

There is a product called green out you can buy at specialty hair supply stores (like Salleys) However ketchup works just as good. Just your plain old ketchup in your fridge. Work it in the hair like conditioner and rinse it out then wash as normal.

TheKeilShpeel said...

Way to go Little M. That's so awesome..


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