Friday, December 10, 2010

Early morning

The girls are usually up every morning between 6:30-7 am.  Thankfully I have a fabulous husband who, about 90% of the time, will get up with them and let me sleep.  I’m no good before 7:30 anyway.

They burst out of their room demanding to be fed.  They beg and cajole their Daddy into getting up and giving them some “cheer-cho’s.”

They’ve learned not to ask me.

So this particular morning Diva was in hyper fussy mode.  It’s hard for her to be hungry.  It affects her personality greatly.  So in the midst of her whining, Hubby tells her to, “Quit her fussing!”

Munchkin seized the opportunity to jump on Daddy’s team and started shouting (in her cute little toddler accent):


Poor Diva.  Apparently she has two mommies. 


Brittany Webster said...

Haha that is so cute and funny!

TheKeilShpeel said...

That's not fair.. Kyle still asks me and begs and whines and won't ask dad EVER. He'll even wait 10 minutes at my side (because I say.. you wait 10 minutes or you can ask daddy now) and he'll wait.. stubborn kid. Just leave me alone :).

Vanessa said...


Nicole said...

Haha, that's cute! Mine are up that early as well, I covet the people who's children sleep in until 10 (ehh hemmm Jill)!


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