Tuesday, November 30, 2010


 I love holidays.  I love being with family and joking and laughing and making fun of siblings.  It’s a good time. 

For the first time this year we brined our turkey.  Personally I’ll never go back to any other method of preparing a Thanksgiving poultry.  But I’m a salt fanatic, so soaking a 20 lb turkey in a couple gallons of salt water is right up my alley.

I wish something hilarious happened this year.  Something similar to the story of how a large, wild, male turkey invited himself into the home of my parents’ and scared the crap out of my mom, her having to shoo the animal out a window using a broom and then cursing the tiny headed bird as she cleaned up his trail of droppings.  So I suppose I should say she quite literally, scared the crap out of him.  And ironically all this happened the day before Thanksgiving a few years ago.  (To clarify, my parents live in the boonies; home to mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, rabbits, snakes, tarantulas, the occasional deer and obviously a family of wild turkeys.)

But alas, Mr. freaked out Turkey is probably long gone, no longer awaiting his fate to be eaten by humans or coyotes. 

                          boys (1 of 1)   table (1 of 1)

But hey, here’s a picture of a couple of turkeys. hehe.  And of course we break out the Martinelli’s, cracking jokes that someone spiked them with alcohol to excuse any kind of raucous behavior.

tableflowers (1 of 1)       

                                munchkin (1 of 1)           DivaZ (1 of 1)

Kids played and enjoyed time with cousins.  Most especially, Diva, with her cousin, Bug.  She is in love.  No doubt about it.  And don’t get me started on the heartbreak that was hers when we had to keep her away from him his last day here due to her cough.  So, so sad.  But we can’t have that youngin’ getting sick, as he still is being supplemented with oxygen, a lingering consequence of his difficult first week coming into the world. 

Most of my family is gone now and we miss them so!  On to Christmas!


KickButtMommy said...

Looks like a lovely day to me. Love the wild turkey story. The stuff movies are made of.

Lindsay said...

I hate those wild turkeys. They're always trying to freak me out on my runs. And remember the year when like 50 of them congregated in the yard and were acting really strange? Or so I heard.

Cindy said...

Haha, Lindsay. That was among the same incident of the turkey coming into the house. I remember Kelli and I were coming home from cheer practice one day to see a giant turkey fluttering around in the mudroom. It was comical to say the least.

Pete & Lora said...

i brined my turkey too! it was actually the first turkey i've ever attempted...but it turned out perfect! i think i'll always brine too. SO good!


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