Saturday, September 18, 2010

A thousand words

I take a TON of pictures.  And I love it.  It's become my new favorite hobby.   The information that is floating around out there about digital photography is almost mind boggling.  It's completely overwhelming but I am in love with learning.  I don't have plans to become a "professional" or to start up my own business or anything of that nature because I have absolutely no CLUE what I am doing.  I just love, love to take pictures

 Today I asked Munchkin to show me a variety of faces and when I said Show me a mommy face, this is what she gave me:


I even love the dirt under her nails and her poor, grotesque middle finger (which I'm pretty sure is on the mend.)

And today I caught that glint; that mischievous twinkle that never seems to dissolve. 

Capturing these moments are worth way more than a thousand words.  They are 100% priceless.


Ryan and Emily said...

Great photos! I know, I love taking photos too but have no idea what I'm doing! You definitely have an eye for it!

Lindsay said...

Aww, I love those girlies. I love that Mommy face! So funny. And I sure hope that finger is on the mend--it's about time!

Kelli said...

AHaha hah! That mommy face is priceless. Munchkin is hilarious.

TheKeilShpeel said...

I love your captions..I didn't see any captions on facebook. That's hilarious..
And you are so right.. that twinkle of mischief in Diva's eyes.. you caught it perfectly.

Vanessa said...

LOVE the mommy face, so funny!

Becky said...

carly you know what, you totally SHOULD start up a little photo business. ive talked to garrett about this (about YOU doing this) on a number of occasions. in fact, want to go our christmas pictures? and im being serious. ill text you later this week if you're up for it: )


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