Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tears because I held my ground for so long. But obviously gave in.

I love the bink.

I hate the bink.

I love how it soothes her and unlike her thumb-sucking older sister, I can take it away.

I hate how she whines for it 24 hours a day. (Although early on I kicked the "in public" habit.)

I hate it when she tries to speak with it in her mouth.

I hate that I find them all over the place.

I hate that I can't find the energy, the courage, the will to take it away for good.

I hate that I'm addicted to it just as much as she is.


The Salvesens said...

Holy cow. She looks so much like Casey!!! It's almost scary how much alike they are. I'm pretty sure my mom has told you many stories about Casey and his binky episodes.

Vanessa said...

Oh I'm so sorry! I was addicted to Ashton's binky as was he and it was so hard and so sad taking it away. I don't envy this stage of snatching and ditching, GOOD LUCK!

Shane and Chelsea said...

Oh girl we are so in the same stage! It's a hate love relationship! I can't let that thing go...neither can she!

Melissa said...

Nicholas used to need two "passies" at a time. One to suck and one to stroke against his cheek. He was three before I decided that if I didn't intervene, his future wife might have an issue with me.

jenbulkley said...

I hear you. I decided not to stress too much. Binkis are for bedtime, unless I have a headache from the whining in our house. Oh ya, this will make you feel better too....Gavin gave up the binki at 4 and Aubrie is nowhere near gining it up and she is going on 3 1/2!

Lindsay said...

She's still pretty young. Don't stress. Just gradually lessen her time with it. I do feel your pain, though. Luke loved his so much. Now that it's finally gone, he's started to give up naps and doesn't fall asleep as easily. Sigh.

Marisa said...

You absolutely are not boring Carly! If you were I would have stopped reading long ago. Thanks for the congrats!

Dave and Lorianne Flint said...

I got another Hate one: I hate it when you go to the dentist and they tell you you're messing up her teeth by continuing the pacifier use. And I hate that they're right. That's what happened to me. So then you can addguilt onto the pile of other emotions controlled by the binky. I think I had a harder time giving it up then my daughter. My son is a thumb sucker which I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with that as the dentist is already giving me grief for that!

Bob C said...

Could the eyes be any bluer.

TheKeilShpeel said...

snip the ends.. and see what happens. :).. or just have a bad pms day and throw them all away infront of her and that's it. Yes there will be crying but not for long. She'll get over it. :). The later is what I did. I think 1/2 hour of crying and never mentioned of again..I think I was just lucky with the first though.


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