Monday, March 1, 2010


Fact: I loathe moving.

We are moving literally 1 minute away and it's still a royal pain in my A. Don't ask why we're moving. It's too convoluted for the blogosphere. Also, can I say "moving" enough? MOVING!


Fact: That finger is gnarly. I can't stand looking at it everyday. Two pediatrician visits, an x-ray and two courses of antibiotics later and I finally have a referral to a dermatologist. Now I just have to wait a month until we can get in! It's cool, she's been rockin' this funky finger for 8 months anyway, what's one extra?


Cindy said...

Oh I miss that little girl so much! I wish I was there so I could watch the girls for you while you pack and what not!

Lindsay said...

Moving is the worst. I hate it, too. Even if I'm moving some place good. It just stinks to be uprooted. Hope it goes okay! And hope that finger gets better.

TR said...

I agree with you. And having just moved, I agree with you even MORE! Moving is a pain.

debora said...

Moving stinks. Sorry.

Bree said...

Sorry you are having to move. I think moving is one of the if not THE worst things in the world. Especially because yours happened at such a crazy time for you guys! Hang in there!


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