Monday, August 25, 2008

My appetite....

...for Ridiculously-staged-reality-drama has been satiated every Monday night thanks to the Hills. I realize I am not a tweeny teeny bopper anymore but I still love this show. I also realize it's as far from "reality" as The Real World. Oh well. These people are famous because of where they live and for being attractive. That's it. With the exception of Spencer and Heidi.

The Hills
Stretching this picture out has depixalated their faces but you get the idea.

Heidi USED to be attractive, now she's morphed into some blonde, playboy, noseless, plastic freakazoid. Above was the normal, pretty Heidi, below is HORSE Heidi.

EDIT: There WAS a picture of Spencer Pratt here but my blog ate it. Apparently he's SO ugly that my blog couldn't bear having his face on here.

I dedicated as little space on my blog as possible for this psycho. In the words of Joel McHale, "creepy flesh-colored beard" guy is my least favorite person on T.V. And David Hasslehoff is still, unfortunately on television.

Anyway I live vicariously through Lauren and her pals. Not because they they're famous for no reason but because they are ALWAYS eating sushi. No joke, every time they go out to eat at night it's sushi. This makes me jealous. I guess when you're single and made of money that kind of thing IS reality. Sigh.

So am I alone in being pulled into their stupid drama every week? I hope not. Even my husband came to bed last Monday (I was already in bed due to the wretched stomach flu in my previous post) and said, "I decided I really don't like Lo. " Then he paused and said, "I was watching the show and she really started to bug me, then I became more irritated because I started actually getting INTO the show." That's my man.


Nathaly said...

Creepy flesh colored beard guy is the worst. And I love Joel McHale.

Honestly, I only catch the show when there's a rerun during naptime in the afternoon, and it totally pulls me in.

And as a side note, for some reason, your blog isn't getting updated on my blog list. According to my list, you haven't updated in like 2 weeks. I don't know what the deal is.

KC said...

I was forced to watch it because you we were recording two shows at the same time on the DVR and you can only watch one of the two recording shows. If you change the channel to another unrecording show, it will stop recording. So if I changed the channel, then Carly would get ticked because her precious hills wasn't recorded. I don't remember what the other show was, but the Hells was the lesser of two evils, so I watched 10 minutes. And Yes, Joel McHale is the man.

Aly & Conryd Salvesen said...

whatever LOOOOOVE the hills! dont deny the truth. its okay, we're not judging ;)

debora said...

You don't have to explain yourself Casey. We all have our guilty pleasures I guess.
I caught a few moments of the show when Cindy was watching it one day. The blonde beard boy is seriously lacking in basic intelligence. Duh.

Lindsay said...

You sound a little too defensive there, KC.

You know I like this show, too. I claim I like it because it's in SoCal and I feel a little closer to home when I watch it.

Spencer is a total idiot. I think Speidi is a staged relationship.

And I don't like Lo either. Have you heard the rumours that she has a crush on Lauren? I think she's mooching off her friend's celebrity.

Something's wrong with your blog--it doesn't update on other people's blog and/or Google readers. Hmm.

Tadd said...

Their faces look all dipixelated in that one picture. What's up with that?
I am also a faithful watcher of this show. It is undeniably addicting. 1. Lo needs to get over herself and Lindsay, that's creepy that you heard she has a crush on Lauren.
2. Spencer bugs that crap out of me. And his feud with his sister is so ridiculous, I mean, come on! He and Lo should get together because they are both so into themselves.
3. The argument between Lo and Audrina? Totally staged. Just for T.V. That would also include some fights that Speidi has had. Most of those they cook up themselves.

Marsden- Party of 4 said...

I too will admit my addiction to The Hills. I agree it's fun to live vicariously through them for 30 min. each Monday night!

Pyper said...

LOL!!!!! I just laughed. I don't like Lo either. She always has a weird look on her face. Oh wait, that is just her face. lol

Jill Newbold said...

I must confess, I watch this show as well and Chris just doesn't quite get it. Oh well, I like it. Ya, Spencer and his sister's feud must be staged cuz it's a little out of control. I liked Doug. What was wrong with Doug, Lauren?!?!

Mostly Leighanna, some Jordan said...

kc, it's ok. I would like to consider myself too highbrow for reality MTV trash, yet one Sunday when I lived in arlington with trina I found myself watching, no joke, an 8 hour marathon of Laguna Beach. I'm afraid to watch the hills now because I might watch that all the time too. Oh yes, I also like "engaged and underage" as well as "parental control".

Sam said...

Carley, I watched once to see if it was appropriate for Maddie and the I watch it with them. Just to make sure nothing bad happens, of course :)

Sean said...



"MTV, what have you done to me?"

-Arcade Fire (A VURY GUD BAND)


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