Thursday, August 28, 2008

Five months...

Lil' Sis turned 5 months old yesterday. Where does the time go? She had her late, LATE 4 month appt today.

Her stats: 15.6 lbs 70th % (birth- 6.12 lbs)
25 3/4" 75% (birth-20")

She obliged in taking a few pictures.

"Please Mom, this is not my good side."

Behind the scenes.

Then of course she remembered she had 3 shots today and the memory of the pain was too much.

In conclusion, Lil' Sis is a wonderful baby. She's a great eater, an OK sleeper but a very happy, healthy, intelligent little morsel that you just want to squeeze.
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debora said...

She's an intelligent, little morsel that you just want to squeeze AND nibble on. Especially her yummy,chubby thighs.
Was Cadence upset that it wasn't all about her? kidding.

all Because two people fell in love... said...

Casey Bingham!?! Saw your link on Dayna's blog. Small world! Even smaller on earth did you guys here about "The Daily Bite" blog??? Me and Sara are really good friends. It's cool to see how popular they have gotten this year!

Sara said...

Chelsea, I know everyone. Didn't you know that?? Hahaha.

Okay Carly, something retarded is going on because of the tons of blogs I have on my google reader, yours is the only one that doesn't show up when you have a new post. What's up with that? I thought you hadn't been blogging in weeks. Maybe I'll try removing it and then putting it back on again.

Owen had his 4 month today too (however he *is* actually 4 months today, lol) Maya is a doll- she's getting so big!

Nathaly said...

I love that first picture! Her smile is adorable. Both of your girls are beautiful!

Lindsay said...

Darling babe. I love how she uses those eyebrows. Wish I could give her a kiss right now!

jenbulkley said...

Wow she is doing well. My little one just hit 18 months last month and doesnt even weigh 20 lbs. My petite little Oh, I love the bow!

Aly & Conryd Salvesen said...

awh, they are too cute for words! i dont think i can wait til christmas to see you guys! thats 4 months away! maya is so adorable and cadence is just a little princess. really random...i had this dream last night that i was getting ready for my wedding, but i was getting ready at your house and like my family was no where to be seen but your family was like my family?? i stole kellis curling iron too, i think she was pretty upset about that.


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