Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Out of nowhere….this guy turned six months old. My sweet bald baby with chubby thighs, curious eyes and so generous with his smiles. 

He is starting to realize I am the one he wants, he grins ear to ear when I come into the room and after whining and crying in his bed when it’s time to sleep for the night, he will immediately relax when I pick him up and lay him on my chest.  I love.

I just barely started the whole solid eating process, or rather HE did, I have in fact been eating solid foods for quite some time. First on the menu was avocado and so far, he’s digging it. 

He loves loves his sisters, even when they manhandle him. 

We love our baby brother.  I hope the next 6 months slows down.  A lot. 

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Oh, you already know they don't slow down. They just get faster. And it stinks. And he is so, so cute.


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