Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mommy of the year

This one. Sigh. So cute right? Why would anyone want to make her cry?

Well I did.

Clipping her fingernails last night turned into a blood bath. I all but clipped off the tip of her pointer finger. I felt absolutely terrible. Awful. What kind of mommy am I?

Not only that but this little girl has been harboring some fungal or bacterial infection in her middle finger of the same hand.


Look at me...hiding the damage I did to her other finger.

It's been there for TWO MONTHS. I know it's paronychia. I've been to the pediatrician who didn't seem all that concerned. A full course of antibiotics did absolutely nothing for it which makes me suspect that it's fungal and not bacterial. But c'mon....two months?!! It looks so painful.

Poor girl.


Lindsay said...

I feel your pain. I pretty much clipped off the top of Ruby's pinky when she was 2 months old--blood everywhere! I felt horrible.

That girlie reminded me of her sis in that pic, for some reason Miss those two!

Bob C said...

Umm. Maybe she is chewing on her finger?

Marisa said...

My sister-in-law did that JUST the other day. She said it was the first time it's ever happened (this is her third kid) and we were there for it. SO sad!

Cindy said...

Man, she sure is cute. Gerber baby much?

debora said...

Pobrecita! You need a fungus cream for that other little finger.

TR said...

So sad! I did that last mo. to Ethan's finger too; I know how you feel!

Bree said...

Poor Lil Sis and poor you. I bet you are right, I bet it is fungla. Mother's instinct right? Cute pic!

Marisa said...

Carly... I would LOVE to make an artsy Tinkerbell shirt for Cadence! Just tell me what color, size, and style of shirt you want (long sleeve, short sleeve, puffy sleeve, whatever) and send me $10 to cover the cost of the shirt and shipping. If you want one for lil sis too, it'll be just $5 more. Let me know if you're serious and I'll do it asap!

Marisa said...

The one I use most is Email me!


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